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6629  Taft Street, Hollywood, FL 33024  

                          6629 Taft Street. Hollywood, FL  33024 

All paintings with prices are for sale at Harris Art Studio. Call for information and pricing on individual and group portraits.

Eula Johnson

12x24               $1500.00

Von Mizell

12x24           $1200.00

J A Ely

36x36                $875.00

Pompano Farmlands

24x36                     $1200.00

The Water is Still Blue

36x48                             $725.00

Birch Tree Lane

22x28               $450.00

Grandma Billie - NFS


Rise and Shine

24x36                   $1250.00

Cape Code Beach House

12x24                 $395.00

Cypress at Sunset

20x24              $425.00

Good Morning Seagrass

10x20                       $275.00

Mixed Media Scuba

10x20    $95.00

Hollywood Beach


Bright Sunrise


Autumn Glow

24x48            $695.00

Sailors Delight

32x48                  $875.00

Five Umbrellas

24x48              $575.00

John's Orchid

20x20           $595.00

Lighthouse Dock

20x20        $325.00

Lime Tree in Winter

20x20      $395.00

Red Beach Shack

24x30       $325.00

Palms at Sunset

30x40      $450.00

Polar Reflections

18x24      $475.00

Fog in the Forest

8x10      $150.00

Parrot Head

9x12      $100.00

Quiet Snow

11x14     $225.00